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Hamilton Balance Staffs, New and Old Part Numbers Staff numbers, watches size and description

Hamilton Balance Staffs - Technical Data (T. D. 111)


What are Elgin's grade, model and class designations?

The Base Grades of Later Elgin Models

The Elgin Grade 760, 761 Service Bulletin

Elgin Hands, 18 and 17 Size, for Key-Set Watches

Elgin Hands, 18 Size, for Stem-Set Watches

Elgin Hands, 16 Size Watches

Elgin Hands, 14 Size Watches

Elgin Production History for Common Sizes: 0 Size Watches, 6 Size Watches, 12 Size Watches, 16 Size Watches, 18 Size Watches

Elgin Production History for 3-Fingered Bridge Movements

Elgin Named Movements

Elgin Model Reference

Until 1915. Elgin publish model and class information about is movements. Later products were designated by grade only. There's some more information about this here...

The 1939 Elgin Catalog

This catalog for retail dealers includes Elgin watch prices, models and other information

Portfolio of Watch Selling

Information for Elgin retailers, mid-1950s

Elgin Part Numbers

These are numbers The Elgin National Watch Company used for types of watch parts. They appear on parts packaging along with the specific factory numbers.

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Look up and identify American balance staffs

Identify unknown balance staffs by their dimensions

How to Determine the Size of a Watch

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Learn about what was once one of the country's largest industrial concerns, and the special place in the history of American industrialization the watch company occupies.