1939 Elgin Catalog

The Elgin Catalog


Exciting news awaits you on every page of this catalog. It is news of exceptional timepiece values - of achievements in the art and science of watchmaking that reach a new high level.

Elgin's technical supremacy and style leadership are not the result of chance. They are the outgrowth of a persistent Elgin policy through 74 years - a progressive policy that is most ably illustrated by the Lord Elgin and Lady Elgin models which are receiving such an enthusiastic welcome from the public.

Elgin is years ahead because only at Elgin do craftsmen and scientists collaborate in perfect partnership to search out every avenue for progress. Elgin recently spend $1,500,000.00 to equip Elgin craftsmen as no other watch craftsmen have ever been equipped. Many of the optical and scientific aids with which our craftsman now work are exclusive developments achieved by Elgin scientists, and have and have led to exclusive advantages in our finished time pieces.

Among the most noteworthy improvements which Elgin offers today are an entirely new hairspring and balance. The hairspring is made of a special alloy called "Elginium," protected by Exclusive Registered Trade Marks. The balance is monometalic - composed of an unusually hard alloy called "Beryl-X".

I know that your sales during the coming months will confirm the fact that our present line of fine timepieces presents the most worth-while models in our long history of honest value in materials and workmanship.

About the Elgin National Watch Company

Learn about what was once one of the country's largest industrial concerns, and the special place in the history of American industrialization the watch company occupies.